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Direct Plug Super Conducting Solar Water Heater

Water Heater

In these systems the open end of the Evacuated Tubes are inserted directly into the Hot Water Storage Tank.

The Evacuated tubes are kept in an inclined position facing the sun. The site of installation should be shadow free so that the system gets direct radiation from the sun.

These systems operate on the principle of thermo-siphon.

  • Features of the System
  • Hot water 24 hours a day
  • Storage Tank SUS3042B Imported Food Grade Stainless Steel, drinking quality water
  • Water can be heated up to 95 degrees centigrade
  • Stand made of Aluminum Alloy or profiled bar, elegant and rust proof
  • Poly Urethane Insulation of water tank for lower losses in water tank
  • Evacuated Glass Tubes ensure low scaling and minimum maintenance costs
  • Available in Sizes of 100—300 liters

Direct Plug Super Conducting Solar Water Heaters with Heat Pipes

A heat pipe may be fitted into the vacuum tubes of a direct plug solar water heater to enhance the performance of the systems.

These heat pipes exchange heat faster and hence higher temperatures may be achieved over a smaller duration.

Moreover water does not enter directly into the glass tubes, hence no scaling in the glass tubes. Only the heat exchanger head needs to be de-scaled which can be done easily. Therefore maintenance costs are reduced.

These systems apart from the heat pipes are identical to the Direct Plug Super Conducting Water Heaters.

Ideal for usage in applications for which high rise in temperature is required over a shorter duration and in extreme cold climates and high altitudes.

Systems are made to Order.

Separated Series Solar Water Heaters

Project Series Solar Water Heater

In this series of solar water heaters the Storage Tank is separated from the collector. These systems are typically of forced circulation type, where a pump will be used to circulate the water through the systems and for storage in the tank.

A Differential Temperature Controller (DTC) and sensors will be used to control the flow of water in the system.

In this kind of system, the collector tubes with heat pipes are connected to the headers. These headers are connected in series and parallel as per system design to cater to the usage.

These systems are recommended for industrial/commercial hot water requirement and are custom designed.

 Separated Series Solar
  • These systems typically consist of the following:
  • Evacuated Tubes with Heat Pipes
  • Header
  • Evacuated Tube Bracket and stand
  • Differential Temperature Controller
  • Pump
  • Motor for Force Feed of the system
  • Insulated Water Tank
  • Inter connecting pipes and fittings
  • Sensors
  • Temperature Gauge

Principle of Operation of DIRECT Plug Super Conducting Solar Water Heater

Sunlight is incident on the Vacuum Tube, this passes through the outer transparent glass tube and strikes the outer surface of the inner glass tube coated with selective coating. This coated glass tube acts like a black body and absorbs the radiation and gets heated up in the process. The reflecting sheet facilitates the process.

The presence of vacuum between the two tubes prevents heat loss to the surroundings. This heated inner tube then transfers the heat to the water with which it is directly in contact. This water gets heated up. Hot water has a lower density and hence has a tendency to rise up. Cool Water from the tank comes down to replace the hot water. This sets up a circulation by Thermo-siphon.

Following this process slowly all water in the storage tank gets heated up and is ready for use.

The Storage tank is adequately insulated using Polyurethane Insulation, this minimizes heat loss to an extent not greater than 5% during night time.

Specifications of Direct Plug Super Conducting Solar Water Heater

Water Heater

Inner Tank : Imported SUS3042B Food Grade Stainless Steel

Outer Shell : Plating Aluminum-Zinc-Flourine Carbon Silvering Water Tank with Black End Covers

Bracket : Aluminum Alloy, no rusting

Vacuum Tube : Hard Borosilicate Glass Tube

  • 150 liters
  • Degree of Vacuum = 5 * 10 –3 Pascals
  • Absorption Co-efficient = 0.93
  • Starting Temperature = 25 degrees Centigrade
  • Freezing Resistance –18 degrees Centigrade
  • Wind Resistance 30 m/s
  • Glass Material : Concentrated Boro-Silicate Glass 3.3
  • Size of Single Tube (mm) 47 * 1500 or 58 * 1800
  • Coating of Inner Tube: Al—Ni—Al
  • Emissivity = 0.08
  • Maximum Temperature = 250 degrees centigrade
  • Service Life = 15 years
  • Hail proof 25 mm
  • Absorber Plate: Copper Profile
  • Heating Up Co-efficient > 95%

Different Models of Direct Plug Super Conducting Solar Water Heaters Available

Model Number Vacuum Tube Details Total Volume (Liters) Hot Water Yield
(Deg. C)
Length (mm) Diameter (mm) Number of Tubes
GPSOL 47-1500-15 1500 47 15 110 60-200 45-95 2-6
GPSOL 47-1500-18 1500 47 18 130 80-250 45-95 3-8
GPSOL 47-1500-20 1500 47 20 146 90-280 45-95 3-9
GPSOL 47-1500-24 1500 47 24 175 110-350 45-95 4-11
GPSOL 47-1500-30 1500 47 30 220 140-440 45-95 5-14
GPSOL 58-1800-16 1800 58 16 168 120-300 45-95 4-8
GPSOL 58-1800-18 1800 58 18 189 130-350 45-95 4-9
GPSOL 58-1800-20 1800 58 20 210 160-450 45-95 5-11
GPSOL 58-1800-24 1800 58 24 252 200-500 45-95 6-14
GPSOL 58-1800-30 1800 58 30 310 260-580 45-95 6-18

Items in Red are standard models, rest are made to order.

Different Models of Separated Solar Water Heater

These systems are custom built to suit customer needs. Please contact us for a system study.

Standard systems are available in the following System Sizes

 A Typical Separated System
Shanghai Xiangjiang Mansion
  • 150 liters
  • 200 liters and
  • 300 liters


Principle of Operation of Separated Series Solar Water Heater

 Schematics of Different Layouts of Separated Series Solar Water Heater

In these systems the collectors are usually kept at the top of the building, facing the sun, whereas the hot water storage tanks are located below.

Water is forced fed into the solar collectors (evacuated tubes). The water in these evacuated tubes get heated up by the process discussed earlier.

After a certain rise in temperature of the water in the tubes the sensors sense the temperature rise and sends a signal to the DTC which in turn starts off the pump.

This pump drains out the hot water from the collectors and stores it in the Hot Water Storage tank and in the process fills the collectors with fresh cold water again for heating up.

This process continues till all the water in the hot water storage tank is raised to the desired temperature.

So depending on the climatic conditions and incident solar radiation the controller adjusts its functioning to provide optimal usage to the user.

These systems are custom designed. Sizing of the systems depends on purpose of Usage.

Larger system capacities can be had with these systems.