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G P Tronics

Domestic Solar Power Plants

G P Tronics manufactures Solar Power Plants in the range of 600 VA – 3000 VA under the product name of Solar Power House. The solar power plant comes with inbuilt solar charge controller and high efficiency inverter. These systems are ideal for Stand Alone Solar Power Plants meant for domestic / rural applications. Option is available for battery charging either through Solar / Grid or both.

  • Microcontroller based PWM Technology for Inverter / Charger
  • Pure Sinewave output with THD < 3% 
  • LCD and Mimic display for system status and parameter updates
  • Inbuilt Solar Charge Controller (3 Amps – 60 Amps) customizable
  • Self diagnostic Test Feature
Domestic Solar Power Plants


The Power from the Solar PV array is stored in the batteries via the solar charge controller (inbuilt in the Solar Power House). Once the Batteries are fully charged, they can be discharged through the Inverter of the Solar Power House to provide conditioned AC power to the consumers. Option is also available for battery charging through Grid.