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super 400


The Super 400 UPS System is designed to assure maximum availability and reliability based on the true parallel redundancy configuration. The UPS System is specifically designed for hypercritical applications that keep the system on at all times. The 1+1 parallel redundancy configuration is connected parallel to a common distribution network, each with a battery bank.

The Super 400 is available in 2 X 10kVA and 2 X 20kVA modules ideally suitable for applications such as

  • Enterprisewide Resource Planning (ERP)
  • OLTP Networks for Customer Services (e.g. Reservation Systems, ATMs, etc.)
  • VSAT Communication Networks
  • Software Development Environments
  • Banking (Front and Back Office Operations)
  • Corporate Intranets & E-Mail Servers
  • DCS and PLCs in Process Control
  • Internet Servers & Switching Equipment
  • CAT Scan / MRI Centers
  • Data Warehousing.
  • Availability A Design Parameter for The Super 400 UPS System
  • No Single Point Failure Mode:
    The Parallel Redundant configuration of Super 400 has separate Input Circuit Breakers, Magnetics, Power Supplies and Separate Battery Banks, which further enhance UPS availability.
  • Charger / Inverter Redundancy :
    The Parallel Redundant Super 400 System has cross Redundancy. If the charger of one module and the inverter of the other module both fail together, the load continues to get clean UPS power through the working charger and inverter.
  • Control Circuit Redundancy :
    The Parallel Redundant Super 400 System has two independent control circuits.
  • Designed for Indian Conditions:
    The Super 400 UPS System is designed considering poor power conditions prevalent in the Country. The Super 400 tolerates wide input voltage [ -30% /+25% ] and frequency [ +/- 10% ] variations.
  • Extensive Beta Testing :
    The Super 400 has been site tested at multiple locations all across the Country having extreme power conditions and has proved successful at all such sites.
  • Validation Test & Torture Test :
    The Super 400 is design validated and torture tested at elevated temperatures of 50 degrees Celsius without any derating of output power. The Super 400 is also torture tested with various extreme simulated power conditions as recorded at various sites in the Country, using California Instrument Power Source Generator.
  • Advanced Hardware Features
  • Built in Parallel Redundancy :
    Each Super 400 can be connected in parallel to another Super 400 of the same output, voltage and kVA rating without the need for any additional card or other accessories.
  • Wide Input Voltage window [-30%% and +25%] and Wide Input Frequency window [+/-10%]:
    Allows the Super 400 to function reliably on mains despite wide voltage and frequency fluctuations at the input.
  • Cold/ Black Start Capability :
    Super 400 can be directly started on batteries in the absence of mains supply.
  • Flexibility to connect various battery types :
    The Super 400 can use various types of batteries including SMF, Lead Acid Tubular and Ni-Cd batteries.
  • Online Battery Testing and Temperature Compensated Battery Charging :
    The Super 400 warns of any impending battery problems. In the case of SMF batteries the charging current is controlled based on the ambient temperature so as to provide optimum charging, thus protecting the life of the batteries.
  • Built in LED/ LCD display :
    A comprehensive array of LED/ LCD display provides information on the status of the UPS, allows parameter monitoring, event logging upto 200 events, system settings and controls.
  • Advanced Firmware Features
  • Each Super 400 module uses Dual Micro Controllers HITACHI H8/ 3048F providing On-board Programmability.
  • The Dual Micro Controllers are used for Control and Communication functions respectively.
  • Advanced Software Features
  • The Super 400 provides advanced software options for communication.
  • SiteNet 1 : Auto shutdown software for virtually all networking operating systems
  • SiteNet 2 : Auto shutdown and power monitoring software for virtually all networking operating systems
  • Netcom : The Netcom Card is an optional feature used for monitoring the UPS status through Internet / WAN/ MAN/LAN.
  • Data Logger Software : Offers parameter / event monitoring on local PC
  • Also Featuring:
  • Built in Parallel Redundancy
  • Wide Input Voltage and Wide Input Frequency Window.
  • Cold / Black Start Capability.
  • Compatible with various battery types.
  • LED / LCD Display.
  • Online battery testing.
  • Temperature compensation battery charging.