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Series 7400

series 7400


The Series 7400 UPS offers True On-line Field Proven UPS system to maximize Uptime of your Critical Application. The Series 7400 offers a wide range from 10 kVA to 750 kVA single phase systems.

The Series 7400 UPS System has a proven track - record of unmatched reliability to support your sensitive and costly equipment, offering maximum availability to virtually any application

  • The Series 7400 is suited for the following applications
  • Information Technology Applications(Server Farms, ERP etc.)
  • Telecommunication Applications(- Basic and Wireless in Local Loop (WILL), Cellular, Broadband, VSAT Hub stations, Satellite Uplinking Stations etc.)
  • Industrial Equipment and Process Applications
  • Medical Diagnostic Equipment (CTScan, MRI, Cath Lab)

The Series 7400 is carefully designed to address the “load power factor” (0.7 lagging upwards) and “non linearity” that critical applications demand.

In-built output isolation transformer:
To offer galvanic isolation between your critical application and the Mains, while feeding the load through the Inverter.

Battery Circuit Breaker (BCB):
To ensure “Safety” and to protect your “Battery Life”, unlike using DC Isolator. Usage of BCB is much safer in terms of personal hazards on a running system than a DC Isolator. Under Voltage Trip coil of BCB prevents deep-discharging of battery, which cannot be achieved by a DC Isolator.

RS-232 Serial port :
For carrying out on-line monitoring of Alarm and Status. Optional attachments such as IBM-AS 400 Interface Card/ Relay Interface Card help you to integrate the UPS with your network effectively.

Compact foot print :
Saving your precious floor space and room cost and generally requires front access for maintenance.

  • Some other salient Features of the Series 7400:
  • High Performance IGBT.
  • PWM(Pulse Wave Modification) Technology for pure sine wave output.
  • LBS Configuration for Super Critical Loads.
  • True Parallelability upto 6 modules.
  • Netcom kit for Remote Monitoring.
  • BMS Connectivity through Modbus.
  • Remote Alarm Monitor (RAM).
  • Hardware for Fault Diagnostic Unit (FDU), Data Logger and Power Monitoring Software.
  • Communication Card for Dial-up Monitoring