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Liebert NX – the next generation, true on-line, double conversion digital UPS – is designed to appropriately address “Hi – Availability Quality Power” need of B2B and B2C businesses. Innovation, simplicity and low cost of ownership have been delicately converged in Liebert NX to offer you the highest capital investment return. With the Liebert NX, you can rest assured that you have high nines quality power for your critical business applications.

Liebert Nxa UPS comes in six popular ratings: 30, 40, 60, 80, 100 & 120 KVA (380/400/415, 50/60 Hz)

  • Top 5 Applications of Liebert Nxa are:
  • Server Rooms and Mid-sized Data Centers
  • Telecommunication (Fixed, WLL & Mobile) Billing & Reporting Systems
  • Networks (LAN, MAN & WAN), InfoCom and WiFi Hot Spots
  • Industrial Process & Motion Automation for Mid-sized Plants
  • Medical Diagnostic / Imaging Equipment
  • Features:
  • Stratified cooling techniques
  • Versatile and simultaneous communication Facilities
  • Compact Active and passive footprints
  • Capability to handle 0.9 leading power factor loads
  • Capability to handle 100% unbalanced loadings
  • Backfeed Protection
  • User flexibility in selecting effective configuration for the application
  • Large and user-friendly LCD display in twelve different languages
  • Compatibility to VRLA (SMF), LATB, Nickel Cadmium Batteries
  • Black Start Facility
  • Benefits:
  • Hi – Availability of Quality Power
  • Reduced Cost of Ownership
  • Upstream Green Power
  • Ease & Simplicity in Scalability & Redundancy
  • Investment Protection