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UPStationTM GXT2 (4.5KVA/6KVA)

Liebert GXT 2


A high-performance UPS with proven reliability, custom configurability, hot-swap internal batteries and extendible runtime in a compact rack and tower design.

The Liebert GXT2 (4.5 KVA / 6 KVA) features and flexibility make it the optimal solution for your server & data room, networking and telecom applications that require reliable, continuous and quality power.

  • Applications:
  • LAN and WAN servers
  • Clustered network equipment: hubs, routers, bridges
  • Remote telecommunications units
  • Office Telecommunications systems
  • Voicemail and e-mail servers
  • Test and diagnostic equipments
  • Engineering network servers
  • Factory floor protection of micro processor controlled equipment
  • Mission critical devices
  • Features:
  • True on-line design
  • Built-in PFC circuit
  • Wide input voltage windows allows UPS support without going to battery, extending systems availability
  • Builtin Surge Suppresion
  • Compatible with new SNMP / Web Card
  • Compatible with Multiport 4 or 8
  • Compatible with RelayCard INT
  • Compatible with MultiLink
  • External plug and play Battery cabinets available
  • Configurable as rack or tower
  • Self-diagnostics
  • Built-in serial communications for use with Liebert MultiLinkTM Automated Shutdown Software
  • IntellislotTM communications port
  • Built-in closure signals
  • Include Windows-based configuration program