System Operation

The Solar Submersible Pumping System manufactured by Pulse Power in collaboration with Advanced Energy Systems (AES), Australia is designed for areas where no reliable electricity supply is available. The multistage submersible pump has proven to be the most reliable and versatile water pump in the industry. In the past, however, its use has been limited to areas where there is three-phase electrical power available. AES has developed the equipment to convert solar energy into three-phase 415V 50Hz electrical power very efficiently, thus bringing the use of these reliable pumps to remote areas. Utilizing a peak power tracking controller and variable frequency inverter, AES makes it simple to pump water large volumes of water from depths of up to 150 meters (450ft).

A sun-tracking frame is recommended for all the pumping systems.

Some of the major features of the AES Pump Inverter include

  • High Efficiency
  • The inverter converts DC array power to three-phase AC at approximately 90% efficiency.

  • Three stage lightning protection
  • The inverter has three levels of lightning protection to protect the unit in storm conditions.

  • Dry run mode shutdown
  • The problem of dry bore conditions is overcome by a control feature which shuts the pump down in this event

  • Uses standard ‘off the shelf’ submersible pumps
  • As ‘off the shelf’ pumps are used, interchange­ability of pumps is practical and inexpensive.

  • Designed for 90oC continuous operation
  • The system is designed for high ambient tempera­tures typical of many water-pumping sites.

  • Float switch control capability
  • An inbuilt option is to operate the pumping system via a float switch control.

  • Remote alarm circuit on system fault
  • An external voltage free contact is available for supervising alarms. This can be used for radio transmitters or other indicators as required.

  • Safe
  • The solar panels operate at 48V DC making it safe for installers and users, whilst allowing a modular power increase of four solar panels at a time if expansion is required.

  • Auxiliary generator
  • An auxiliary petrol or diesel generator can power the pump during periods where more water is required.

  • Array maximum power point tracking
  • The inverter operates to extract maximum power from the array at all times, thus providing the highest possible efficiency.